365-day drawing challenge – first month summary

July 25th, 2018 / Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics
What is # 365 challenge? what is it all about?

This annual challenge can be taken appropriately in every field. It aims to build a lasting habit and develop the skills learned. I decided to draw every day. The moment I write this post the first month has passed since I started the challenge.

What benefits can you expect?

After some time (the first effects are visible after about 22 days) our drawing begins to be more free and automatic, we become more creative. Of course, there are also harder days, but they are not so often.

365 days challenge 2 Turdus Concept

We are better acquainted with the materials used so far and discover new forms of expression. We discover our own drawing style (however, do not focus too much on it, it’s better if it happens over time).

Such a challenge is especially beneficial for people who also have other obligations such as working full-time, taking care of a child, school. Time is then very limited and you have to really try to build a permanent habit that will not be absorbed by other responsibilities.

In order not to fail, you need to prepare yourself to the challenge. How?

    • announce in public that we are taking on the challenge
    • ask a trusted person to look after us a little, and remind us if necessary about the challenge. At the very beginning, it may be difficult for us in some circumstances to sit down to draw. You can also set an alarm on your phone.
    • Prepare a workplace and draw most often at one time of the day. It’s easier to sit down and just start drawing if everything is at hand.
    • Associate a new habit with an existing one. For example, if you eat a dinner every day, start drawing after dinner.
    • Prepare yourself for the problem “I do not know what to draw”. Build your own inspiration bank, about which I wrote here . In this way, you will avoid sitting for hours on the empty page.
  • Do not demand too much from yourself at the beginning. You have a hard day – draw anything. Redraw your previous drawing. Or draw a picture inspired by someone else’s work (if you make this illustration public, write about it and give the author). Practice the basics and warm your hand. If you sketch at least 10 minutes, you are already one step ahead. That way you will not panic. Our brain, unfortunately, reacts with stress to any change. The more we care, the worse the response. Therefore, it’s better to start with small things and as you get familiar with the subject, move on to larger and more complex ones.

365 days challenge Turdus Concept

Practice and learning

Free-form drawings should also include conscious learning. Every now and then, practice drawing the basics (perspectives, anatomy, etc.) – the text about the basics of the illustrator’s knowledge will be helpful. Then such daily sketching will bring the greatest benefits, because we also develop our workshop.

Challenge 365 is not my first challenge (I’ve been doing 30 days before) and I’m doing my best so far. I am not overworked, I have not missed one day. I hope it will continue to be the same. I applied all of the advice I gave above and I manage my time better. If you are interested in how to, look here.

I encourage you to take on artistic challenges – they give great results. Let me know if the subject is known to you or maybe you will just start your first challenge.