Welcome at Turdus Concept

we are glad that you visit us!

We are Kasia and Marek Drozd. Since 2015 we have been jointly running a company dealing in the creation of graphics, illustrations and the design of prints. We are known under the name Turdus Concept.

Turdus, latin “drozd”, was created in our heads well before the company actually existed. We both liked the graphics for its different characters, but each of us in a different sense of the word.

Kasia loved drawing as a child. Like many cartoonists, she began to create her first works from the moment she was able to keep the pencils in hand. She was stealing school supplies from her older sister and eagerly “decorating” her notebooks. Her fascination with art was so great. Once she decided to paint her own face with a green felt-tip pen. Apparently, the ink went down very reluctantly, but what you do not do to satisfy artistic curiosity!

Now Kasia is a creative part of Turdus, creating graphics, designing illustrations and using both traditional and digital media in her works. She also runs our social media and artistic support group on Facebook, which helps all participants on their own way to be the best graphic designers, artists or illustrators.

In Marek, interest in broadly defined art took on a completely different character. With a more technical flair, instead of using crayons, paints or pencils, he preferred precise work with scissors or a modeling knife. Already in childhood, he loved to create models from paper, wood or plastic. Everything under the watchful eye of both dad and grandfather – a longtime modeller.

In the company he plays the role of “human-orchestra”. He is responsible for the good functioning of the website, which he created from scratch. He deals with logistics issues, the production process of prints created earlier by Kasia, shipping, supplies and watches over quality.