Composition in visual art – part 2

July 4th, 2018 / Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics

In the previous post I presented you the concept of composition, but if I added a golden ratio and triple post would simply be too long. That’s why I decided to give them a separate place on the blog. In addition to the types of compositions mentioned in the previous part, you must remember the legendary golden proportion. Quoting Wikipedia:

“we make it by dividing the segment into two parts, so that the ratio of the length of the longer one to the shorter one is the same as the entire section to the longer part. In other words: the length of the longer part is to be the geometric mean of the length of the shorter part and the entire section. “

What can be presented by the equation and the picture presented below.

golden ratio Turdus Concept

Of course Acquistare Generico Sincrosa (Precose) senza Prescrizione , I do not recommend you to run with a ruler, the so-called the divine proportion can simply be felt / perceived with the naked eye. There is actually something electrifying in it and no wonder that it has fascinated researchers for centuries. Her examples can be seen in mathematics, music and nature.

Golden Ratio in practice

From the divine proportion, we can derive a much simpler rule of the thirds. This principle is also calculated mathematically strong – interesting points of the composition. I present examples below

  1. rule of thirds
  2. central division
  3. golden triangle
  4. golden ratio
  5. diagonal division
  6. gold spiral

types of division Turdus Concept

With stronger color were marked strong points. They will be the main / primary element of the image composition.

To sum up both parts of the entry, we can compose images in many ways. It is worth considering and planning it right from the very beginning of the work. It’s best to draw your idea on the image in a few miniatures / thumbnails, making it the simplest sketch under several different angles and in several different variants. This is a very good method of planning the look of the illustration if we draw from the head. If we create by nature it is good to get around the object drawn from several sides and find the best “shot”. Same as in photography. In many cameras, we also have the facilitation in the form of a rule of thirds grid. This can be used to prepare the drawing and look for the best frame in this way, if we do not have a developed sense of strong points yet.

At the end I added my Pinterest, you can find a lot of inspiration on the theme of creating the composition.