Drawing for a layman

October 3rd, 2018 / Illustrations Basics
Why i decidec to write this post

The first two days of the Inktober challenge are behind us, many people from the environment known to me draws, paints, generally speaking – creates. I have already had my last attempts to transfer simple and more complicated shapes to paper a few years ago. Together with Kasia, we started to draw a still life; just simple sketches of tea boxes or mugs in which we usually drink this tea. Nothing seemingly complicated, but quite difficult for a person who does not deal with it every day; one that has an unskilled hand and a lack of fluency in capturing all the nuances that distinguish the scribble from a good sketch.

sketches of furniture Turdus Concept


, Kasia repeats, as well as many other people associated with this subject, that the drawing can be learned by anyone. This is not a reserved, secret knowledge available only to the chosen one. And this is the most correct statement, because drawing is like many other long-practiced things: the more attempts and approaches, the better results after some time. And although I am seemingly aware of it all, my hand and eye rarely follow the ideas that I want to transfer to paper, and the effects are much worse than expected. For this reason, I decided that I would try to help myself, if possible, with Kasia, learn to draw.

Drawing -just for what?

In Turdus, apart from technical aspects related to the functioning of the website, I deal with the preparation and implementation of screen printing. For some time now, it has been not only a purely professional occupation, but also a hobby. I transfer the projects that Kasia makes using paint and sieve. Observing how every day various drawings are made has made me realize that I would also like to achieve at least half the skill of using a pencil or a pen. At this point the question arose: but why do I need this skill? After all, it’s not about competing with my wife, it’s also not so strongly associated with any of my hobbies. It is known that as a child I drew quite a lot (it was related to school classes, for example), but I never felt the need to leave the drawing outside the framework of obligatory activities.

technical drawing Turdus Concept

The answer is simple: now I often want to draw up plans for placing furniture in a room or doing a technical drawing, and I just can not do it right. I am a person who prefers to do many things (for example, to make old furniture) and I have not had an overall plan of action, and thanks to the good drawing it would be much easier. In my head there are also ideas for T-shirts, sometimes I can not describe Kasia so accurately. It looks a bit like a situation in which a client with his vision asks an artist / freelance artist. It sometimes happens that the client would like to almost “manage” the contractor’s hands with his will. You will certainly find cases in which, in response to the nth version of the project, you get the answer that there is no “Wow effect” and something is obviously missing here, but it can not say what exactly. Well, I would like to avoid such situations.

Don’t try to learn everything

All my arguments are aimed at a brief summary: for everyone the reasons for learning drawing/painting, etc. are different and for the intended purpose, at least in my opinion, we follow different paths. It is known that time is not an unlimited good, so it is better to think in advance where we want to go, not to set the road. Personally, I do not intend to devote time to practicing a hyper-realistic figure, and sketching the characters I will try to master only the most basic. instead, I intend to devote much more attention to sketches of basic solids, and then more complex ones, in different angles and with different lighting, perspective and related themes. Everything to achieve my goal. From this place, I encourage anyone who wants to draw or draw, but does not know which way to go and think about what he wants to achieve. Watch, draw what you enjoy the most, what kind of work you like to watch too. It may be related to your other interests or personal preferences. What you get the most satisfaction from. Of course, this entry I wanted to share only my observations as a person indirectly related to the drawing. If you have thoughts on this topic at this point, share them necessarily. Drawing science is something different for everyone.

Once a month I will try to show what my progress in drawing science looks like. I heartily encourage you to check and share your insights.