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September 19th, 2018 / Freelance, Graphic on a budget

Many people interested in graphics, before starting to create anything, must collect money for expensive graphics programs. Some of them use the pirated version, which is of course illegal. Sometimes they even start doing commissions that way, which – in my opinion – is bad idea. There are people that create using Paint. It’s nice to start with it and many people was creating in it something as a child. I saw videos on YouTube in which some creators did wonders in this default Microsoft program (Windows). But let’s be honest, it’s tricky for most of us.

As a teenager I used friends’ programs. Then I sigh for a long time that I do not own them. Same story with trial versions. I have no idea if it used to be such blessings as today, that is, alternative for graphic programs such as Adobe or Corel. Currently Adobe is a cloud solution paid monthly and not many people enjoy that fact. That’s the reason we can have a look at other solutions.

For a beginner who wants to save money, because he/she still does not know whether computer graphics is for him or he just started looking for orders, these are ideal solutions.

computer programs Turdus Concept

To create and not go broke

That’s why I prepared a list of such free alternatives, mostly including those I like the most:

  • MediBang – a raster drawing program (if you do not know what that means read this article), the next version of FireAlpaca, from which it differs by many interesting solutions available in cloud. This also allows smoothing lines which is very useful. I put its review on the blog earlier.
  • Gimp – Raster image program, it works best for me to process photos, but you can also use it to create illustrations. Personally, I prefer MediBang to digital painting, for example because of the tool to smoothen the lines.
  • There are also browser photo processing applications, but all that I watched did not match Gimp. Even if there’s no need to install programs on your PC it does not compensate for their shortcomings. First of all, I missed the more advanced selection and retouching tools.
  • Inkscape – Software for creating vector graphics (You can read review here), has many useful options, the most in comparison to Adobe Illustrator I miss my own brush definition. However, you can always use Medibang for this type of illustration and then alternatively change the vector to raster in Inkscape. If, however, you do not use so much brush tool and you only use the bezier curves, then it will not be such a problem for you.
  • Krita – raster graphics processing program. Its undeniable advantage is that the interface strongly resembles that known from Adobe Photoshop and opens files with the extension .ps
  • Scribus – budget version of the popular Adobe Indesign. It is used for preparing books, brochures and leaflets for printing. It’s hard for me to write something about it because I deal with the composition as such very rarely. It works and it is free – what more could you want. At first glance, it looks a bit more poor than Indesign – which sometimes happens with free programs – however, it has all the necessary functions.
  • Blender – a free tool for creating 3D graphics. I never used Blender because I do not create graphics of this type, but it’s worth of mention. This is a very high level program. There was such a miracle created in it like this.  Not bad for an open source program, right? If you want to try something new or if 3D graphics is that what really interest you, be sure to download this program.

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For graphic designers and more
  • Hitfilms – An alternative to Premiere Pro, used for film processing. I decided to add it to the list because recently I have been editing videos and, although I have access to Premiere Pro, I like to know cheaper solutions. At first glance it is practically a Premiere Pro clone and works very well. It has already gained some popularity and thanks to that you can find many tutorials for it, for example on YT. What I expected such software to be able to do is cutting movies, simple effects, adding music. HitFilms has it all.
  • Inshot – With this clever application we can process videos directly on our mobile phones. We have all the functionalities mentioned above. For me, it is a great solution if I record on a cell phone, for example, for InstaStories.

I would like to promote such opportunities that we have access to today. I think that many talented people could achieve amazing results and it would be a shame to block them with such reasons like insufficient funds. Adobe ,even for students, cost about 20 euro per month with subscription plan for at least one year. And remember: in every field the most important thing is practice. Thanks to this list that I have prepared you can easily make the first steps in computer graphics. I keep my fingers crossed so that this is not a one-off approach.