Freelance – how to sell your artwork

April 4th, 2018 / Freelance

In today’s post I would like to present You a list of promotion and sales opportunities that the Internet give us. I also added some ideas for stationary sales, so that the topic would be described as completely as possible.

Remember, this is just an overview of the different options – do not take it all at once at the beginning. You will be easily discouraged in this way and you will be too burdened. Try one solution at a time and, once you’ve mastered it, take on the next one. Check, who your ideal customer is and see, if such a person uses the given platform at all.

The key to success is always perseverance and regularity, as well as checking the effectiveness of your actions and their possible correction.

  • Create a fanpage on FB, but remember: better smaller community of devoted fans than a ton of useless likes. It is also easier to create a group of similar recipients in the Facebook ad. You can run a promotion on Facebook, send it to your website, but also sell it directly on it, organize a competition or place references from satisfied customers – there are so many possibilities.
  • Groups on Facebook – do you already know mine? – build an engaged community and create awareness of your own brand on the web.
  • Free link-party on FB – you can start from it. However, try to work with paid ads that, if well done, have much larger ranges and give better results than any free form of promotion.
  • Advertising on FB – as above. It can be focused on different purposes. At the beginning, to build brand awareness, then to convert, or refer to your website / online store / blog. It is important to have place to send customers back and create a tunnel for sale.
  • Live on Facebook – make a live report, during which you can get to know your potential clients or people with whom you have the chance to establish cooperation. Show yourself, for example, at work or how carefully you pack parcels for shipping. It builds trust.
  • Instagram and advertising on it – this is another place where you can present works to a wider audience.


  • Online art galleries.  If you paint pictures, this may be a good option for you. In addition, usually the painting sold in the gallery carries the hallmarks of a luxury good and has a higher price. Ofcourse, check which clients you want to reach. Maybe you prefer to sell your works cheaper, but reach more people. It all depends on you and your preferences.
  • Etsy, society 6, redbubble, cupsell etc. – if you do not have your online store, use the popular sales platforms.
  • Youtube – just like Live on FB, build on this channel of brand awareness, send to your place on the web like page etc, build your image as an expert in your field.
  • Your own blog – inspire confidence in potential clients, share knowledge.
  • Newsletter – give some value in exchange for a record. If you stay in touch with customers / fans, sales promotion is growing. Give something for free that will be a sample of your possibilities, e.g. file for download.
  • Pinterest – on this platform you can post both graphics presenting your work, as well as those that refer to your blog post or group on FB, and even directly to your place of sale. It is important that you answer the question what problem of your client it solves and put a graphic that refers to the place where/how/when you solve the problem.
  • Creative market and other stocks – exhibit your work in many places. Each platform has its own crowd of loyal fans / regular customers who visit it much more often than others. Check where your clients are staying. Begin gradually and as you master one platform, try another one. The point is that as I wrote at the beginning, do not get discouraged immediately.
  • Events – conventions, markets, exhibits where you can buy your own booth, stand.
  • Dribbble, behance, tumblr, etc. – Your online portfolio, presentation of your work and possibilities. You can send potential clients back there. You can also start cooperation with a business recipient, for example with someone who is looking for an artist to illustrate the book.
  • Own wordpress shop with Woocommerce – if you have such capabilities, other way you can ask someone to create it for you or learn how to do it by yourself (it requires time and commitment). If not, you can always use the platforms listed above, create a store on Facebook or even sell on Amazon or other platforms.
  • Cooperation with someone who has the same target group and is not a competitor. Organizing joint competitions, promoting each other will help both you and your partner in the venture.
  • Cooperation with competitors – I know how it sounds, but in my opinion, it is possible in an artistic environment. The steps you can take are identical to the one above, plus you can create a series of images / graphics together.
  • Beginners’ learning – building an expert position – do not be afraid that you will teach others how you do your job. You develop yourself all the time so you will be in front of those you teach either way. In art, 10% of talent counts, the rest is hard work and regularity. Organize workshops / online courses or stationary workshops, depending on your preferences or possibilities.
  • Challenge  – taking part in np Inktober  or organizing your own – is a great opportunity to promote yourself and show your abilities. Many artists sell their works, for example from an in-case, and the interest is high because some of the challenges have become very familiar.

freelance artist

  • Platforms for freelancers If you create graphics, design websites or illustrations for books, this may be a good solution for you.
  • Stationary galleries and vernissages, auctions, craft shops, interior designers. Establish cooperation, offer them your products. It’s good to hit several places at once, send a few e-mails, send them to your portfolio.
  • Patreon – it is not directly a sales platform, but it can be an additional source of income. On this platform fans can directly support your work financially, in exchange for e.g. professional advice, small unique gifts or materials made available to them exclusively.


Finally, a bunch of tips:

Familiarize yourself with the secrets of marketing or at the later stage hire a specialist for this task.

Discover where your client spends his time – discover his “waterhole” – and try to get in a relationship with him.

Define what problem you are solving and show it. Take part in lectures and industry meetings. If possible, try to organize your own event.

Try (not by force) to find your style, something that “turns” you and what will make you stand out from the rest: style, service quality. Everything to fall into memory.

Remember that face and authenticity are selling – sometimes show the backstage of your work, your studio, yourself at the easel / graphic tablet or how you pack parcels to be sent. Such small things make you more close to your recipient, and people love to do business with people.

I keep my fingers crossed for you! Let me know in the comment below about which platforms you would like to hear more. I will include this when planning my next posts! 

Maybe you know other methods of promotion or sale that I did not mention? It will be nice if you let me know about them in the commentary.