how to change your profession – tips&tricks

November 14th, 2018 / Freelance

How to change a career path?

This is a topic that affects many people. We choose the professional direction often at a young age, often under family pressure to choose a safe and secure path. Then we can regret it and want to change something in our lives. How to do it?

We have known this topic in Turdus very well, because both of us are in the middle of changing profession. It causes some complications, which I will write about in a moment. In summary, however, we are satisfied.

be persistent and patient

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To the point. How to get started to change your profession:


  • check what you are good at and what you like to do. If what you like to do is not what you are good at, go to further points. Sometimes determining what will be your new career path requires many attempts and approaches or possible direction corrections. Do not give up searching until you finally feel that this is it. And it is not that this dream path will be strewn with roses. No no. It will probably be very hard sometimes, because changing the profession is not a easy thing to do, but the satisfaction will be very large.
  • find out what you need to do to become a specialist in your profession. Do you have to go to a paid course or even return or go to the university. Are you able to become self-taught – it is possible with some professions. If you can learn alone, what do you need? There is a lot of knowledge on the internet, but you have to find it (I recommend my articles on gaining artistic knowledge on the internet ). You will probably need a guide after this new world. It’s best to have such few. Then you gain a broad view, because often every person presents their point of view mainly.
do not do anything without a plan
  • prepare yourself a plan, be aware that it will take some time before you become a specialist in this new field.
  • Practice, but by the way, do not spoil the market. You can decide to volunteer if the matter is right, but do not do work for free for ordinary entrepreneurs who want to save money thinking only about their profit benefit. It is better to practice among family and friends, or for strangers for a smaller price. You can also work for yourself, for example, create your own portfolio from designs you have imagined or create a real product.
  • be aware that it will be hard, this is what I wrote at the beginning – while changing our career path, we often do overtime of work, this extra half od effort  for some time probably will not bring income and will consume forces. Some people even decide to run their own company all the time as something additional to a full-time job. However you have to know the consequences of this choice. It is very important to remember about holidays. Unfortunately, without recharging the batteries from time to time, you can easily burn out and give up. Also, plan your time to rest as a sacred thing (I say this from the perspective of the person who did not do it) and keep your goal in front of your eyes and you will succeed.
  • in general, try to get the most out of the specifics of a given industry, so as not to be surprised and it does not turn out that it is not what you would like to do.

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I hope that my text will be helpful to all who are thinking about changing their professional path. If you are in the process of it, write what are your ways, to go through this stage as best as possible.