How to find time for creativity

September 12th, 2018 / Freelance, Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics

It’s fantastic, if you have all days to draw so you can get up in the morning and immediately sit down to the easel. However, many people do not have this comfort. They have a job or school (with a different direction than art), a family. Young children claim attention or parents overwhelming with excess responsibilities. How to deal with it in this case?

Explain to the family how important creativity is to you. If you have children, maybe at the time you’re creating, someone in the family could take care of them.

Try to combine this with another activity – maybe you can, for example, keep other notes or use a planner. Try bullet journaling (this is a planner in which decorative pictures appear from time to time) or make drawings at the margins.

Find time for yourself and look after him, eg. make the assumption “I draw 15 minutes every day after lunch” or “I always draw on Wednesdays after taking a lesson” (insert any activity). Enter it if you use the planner, and treat it as if you had an appointment with someone or had, for example, paid classes. With the same gravity – as a commitment.

bullet journal Turdus Concept

Don’t be one-man-multitasking-robot

Do an audit of time – maybe you waste valuable minutes mindlessly browsing social media or maybe you’ve taken on too many responsibilities? Maybe you are able to get someone’s help or delegate certain tasks. Especially women are often superheroes who do everything as a multitasking robot. The world will not collapse if some tasks are performed by someone else – if you have children, check what responsibilities at what age they can do themself. If you have a husband, ask him to put the laundry on and put it on. Believe me later, he will appreciate that you are doing it. Of course, it works in both sexes.

Or maybe for some time you do something just from habit, for example you watch a series, and you really know that it is a waste of time, because the plot has been fine for some time.

Try to use the moments of downtime – bus, waiting in queue at the clinic, boring lecture or meeting. If it is important to you, let drawing be your second nature. If you do nothing or get bored anyway, you may as well use this time productively.

journal page Turdus Concept

Stop wasting your time

Have everything on hand to get to work in a fairly easy way. If you have small children, it’s better not to leave everything on top of the desk, but you can keep the materials to have easy access to them. They should definitely be grouped together. You reach into a drawer and pull everything out straight away, and you do not run around the room looking for a rubber, pencil or paper, wasting time.

get up eariler

Maybe you can get up a little earlier or go to bed later. I recommend a little earlier. Most often everyone is still sleeping so you will have peace. In addition, you are not tired after all day (more about getting up in the morning you read in the previous post about managing time).

beegood Turdus Concept

If you do not have extreme time or power, try to scratch at least 6 minutes a day (I’ve spotted this idea with this youtuber ), and if you have the opportunity at the moment, you can extend this time. By definition, however, just 6 minutes. You are always the few minutes ahead.

Support group – drawing meetings, find people with similar passion, it helps a lot to exchange ideas and motivate each other.

And remember to rest, do not force yourself to work at the expense of health – it’s easy then to burn out and tempt you to throw it into a corner. If you have enough – learn to rest and not give up.

I hope that my ideas will help you to incorporate creativity into your busy schedule. If you have other ways, share them in a comment. I will be happy to learn about them.