Art related career paths

July 18th, 2018 / Freelance

Perhaps you have always been drawn to art, but you have heard so many stereotypes about artists that it discourages you. Or maybe you’re just starting to think about a career related to drawing / art and you do not know your options. Anyway, this article was created for you.

Personally, I would like to read such a summary a long time ago. When I was a child, I did not really know what I could do with my desire to draw. I did not go to any artistic school, because the myth of a starving artist selling paintings on the street discouraged me too much. For some, the pressure of a “stable” profession is forced by the family. Usually, however, you do not fool your hearts it will be reminding you about your passion. Of course, you can always remain a hobbyist and this is also okay.

Remember that you do not have to go to art school to perform the following professions – you can be self-taught and achieve even more in less time. Always, however, advise more experienced people not to perpetuate the wrong habits.

Most of the mentioned activities can be performed as a freelancer or in a larger company, but as a creator you should look after your personal brand and try to be recognizable (link) even while being part of a corporation.

Possible paths of career for you

First profession is Graphic designer – there are more rigid rules of creation – matrices, auxiliary lines, symmetry (often creating evenly and from a ruler or a circle – which I personally do not like). To get started you need to learn graphic programs ( most often in companies, the Adobe package is required – Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or Corel) and DTP.

graphic designer Turdus Concept

What exactly will you create:

  • Branding – it is creating clients’ brands,
  • Designing and preparing printable leaflets, files, posters, business cards and advertising materials in general,
  • Creating Brandbooks – documents with guidelines regarding the visual identification of a company,
  • Design Logo, Brand hero – company mascots,
  • Photo processing, photomanipulation – creating one illustration from several photos.

Web design – in addition to the sense of aesthetics are required (at least basic): CS5, HTML5, RWD rules – responsive website design, adaptable to devices. UX – user-friendly website design.  JS and PHP basics would be usefull as well as graphic programs.  Sometimes WP, Joomla knowledge is required but you can create pages either in simple  the HTML5/CSS3 templates itself or on CMSes – more complex applications designed for Content Mangement with the login panel for the administrator.

Animator – you need to know Premiere Pro, Animate (formerly Flash), After Effects. You can create two- or three-dimensional animations, onion skin methods, time-lapse / puppet / some transformations are also automated, we have a library of effects in the programs. Animated films can be created for the needs of small businesses as well as corporations (eg in advertisements). Or set a goal to create an animation that suits Bagiński (who is self-taught, did you know that?).

2D or 3D illustrations in the games and film industry

  • 2D can be specialized only in backgrounds or characters or in icons, or be more versatile, the task of illustrator is to create early concepts of characters, environments, etc. You need to know the basics of drawing and most often graphic programs.
  • 3D creation of three-dimensional models under the texture. If this topic interests you, I recommend a free blender program and tutorials for it on YouTube, to try your hand at once.

Painting – creating portraits, caricatures, landscapes, abstractions, conceptual or technical painting etc. etc. on canvas, ceramics, boards, clothing, you can choose from acrylic, oil and water paints: gouaches, tempera, watercolors, ceramic paints, fabrics, but also acrylic markers or spray paints. A really big variety. I have described the ideas for cashing this passion in this post.

painter Turdus Concept

Digital artist or using traditional techniques (many of them to choose) and maybe both. You can illustrate books for children and / or adults, covers, magazines. It is important to create your own recognizable brand. You can later start selling t-shirt prints, posters, canvas prints, mugs, you can create your own comics (also internet ones, not just printed). You can sell your own artbooks, custom-made illustrations, stock graphics or urban sketching. You can choose from a variety of styles, a variety of topics such as food illustrations (recently I like them a lot).

digitalartist Turdus Concept

Handicrafts – eg creating greeting cards, scrapbooking (personalized photo albums), decoupage (decorating with ready napkin designs), paper flowers, paperart (creating images from layers of paper), creating miniatures etc. etc.

handcrafting Turdus Concept

You can also become a YouTuber who educates others and shows the progress of work on your creations.

Or maybe you will do screen printing or linocut – this is a traditional graphic or calligraphy, writing decoratively, we can create greeting cards for gifts, invitations, posters, etc.

Tattoo artist – I am not a fan of decorating the skin, but for a nice tattoo is always nice to look at, especially that you can also design washable ones.

Or maybe a large format and creating murals?

mural Turdus Concept

Of course, you may be interested in the sculpture and everything related to it . I’m not talking about these topics on my blog, because I do not do it. Sometimes I like to watch a few videos about it, but that does not make me an expert.

A few final remarks on how to get started, when you know what you want to do:

What to do and not to get confused

Do not let yourself be persuaded that you only need the most expensive materials. The most cheap ones will not help you create a masterpiece, but there is also a whole range of middle-shelf products created for students and learners. In order to achieve good quality, not to go broke, and at the same time do not have to regret using materials (because they are so expensive and probably wasted). Besides, even if you can not afford the average shelf, use your creativity. I have recently created illustrations with a black pen that cost about 1 zloty (25 cents). Sometimes it’s good to prove to yourself that even without material for millions of coins you can create something worth attention. Likewise, you can even use graphic programs in your browser – they load the computer less (link). With screen printing, you can start with a homemade screens made of veil. Do not let the lack of resources limit your creativity.

Also, do not let anyone convince you that you are too old or too young, and it is best to abandon all excuses and get to work 😉

 To sum up, there are a lot of paths of career and everyone will find something for themselves. I am not even 100% sure if I have changed all the possibilities. If you have more ideas, be sure to share with me and others in the commentary. You can also combine several professions, if you can manage to develop them in a satisfactory way (sometimes it’s better focus just on one).

More tips on how to start the adventure with art in the next posts.