Inkscape – graphic on a budget

April 11th, 2018 / Graphic on a budget

If you’re creating art, illustrations or graphic digitally, you’ve heard about or recently used Adobe Illustrator for sure. You also know, that despite it’s remarkable features and possibilities it costs about 40-50 dollars per month to use. I’ll show you that you don’t have to rob a bank to buy very expensive software because there is very decent and, what’s more important, free alternative.

We are talking about Inkscape from GNU.  Adobe product is awesome but unfortunately cost a lot of money and can be a little bit overwhelming for beginners. And when you’re starting your adventure with graphic one of the most important things is practice and be creative every single day. Having a free fairly simple program can help you feel more confident with that.

red octopus vector graphic

When I first  started creating vector type of illustrations I was using Adobe Illustrator. I had my first serious job from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. and I got this program on my business computer at work. When I was starting my own company two years later I wanted to use cheaper alternative but I had so many graphic produced in Adobe program that I couldn’t switch to anything else. When you open an Illustrator file somewhere else it will not behave identically like when you were creating it. It’s like one program doesn’t always understand what was done before. So I bought whole CC membership because it was not much more expensive than buying for example only PS and ILLU.

Adobe subscription ends, what next?

Recently when my membership was about to expire I started thinking what if I give a try a free alternative. I saw that people are doing awesome things using this software Achat Clopilet (Plavix) en Ligne sans Ordonnance , so quality of my work wouldn’t drop down. To have a fresh start I finalized all of my project that I had in adobe files.

In my opinion it is really easy to learn how to use inkscape it’s intuitive and simple, very user friendly. And most important it’s comparable to Adobe Illustrator. Of course some shortcuts are different but it took me just a while to switch between. It has most common options and I personally didn’t notice lack of any key features that i was using before. It hasn’t got 3d tool but I’ve never used it anyway. If you need it, You can create 3d looking object even without it.

I think it is great that when you are a beginner you can sit down and practice right away rather than doing nothing and only saving money for more fancy tool. A tool which does most of the things in really similar way. Of course Adobe have this great marketing and long time ago I was dreaming and drooling to have one of their products but I couldn’t afford it. I only could practice when someone share their computer with me. I’ve got a neighbor as a kid who was really into a graphic design so it was possible. But it wasn’t enough and my progress could be much faster If I had a free program back then.

Inkscape: costless alternative for Adobe Illustrator – is it worth?

Inkscape is really decent product. It looks less fancy, if you can say it that way, but there are some ways to change it to dark elegant look. I personally don’t care that much about its appearance so I didn’t waste my time for finding out how to manage this. What was important and interesting for me that alternative from GNU has layers, but it took me a while to catch the difference. Also the difference in how their bezier tool works, what is essential in vector graphic.

bumblebee vector graphic

In conclusion if you’re wondering what program you should choose, definitely give Inkscape a try. It will be great start in your graphic design adventure or if you’re more experienced designer it will spare you some extra dollars which you can spend on some other tool or medium (this is exactly what i did). My only regret is that I didn’t have Inkscape earlier in my career.