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August 22nd, 2018 / Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics

In the last post I mentioned that I am also going to write a list of useful links to help you learn graphic design. I realized the intention and this post was created. I focused on YouTub links. It is a free platform and you can quickly acquire knowledge by watching tutorials in the form of videos. Of course, you can also use paid platforms with courses like skillshare (you can usually use a month or two for free) or udemy. However, I personally think that it is more profitable to sit down reliably in the youtube or google and search for what you want to learn by entering the phrase “tutorial” or “… for beginners”. I guarantee that the internet will flood you with a wave of free knowledge 🙂 and with my list will surely be easier for you to absorb it.

graphic design Turdus Concept

First, the foundations…

A Playlist of graphic design useful tutorials for completely begginer users 

A Roberto Blake channel about graphic designer’s life, challenges etc.

…and then specifics.
  •  Logos by Nick is one of my favorite channels, because the tutorials on it are only for free programs – great for beginners who want to check if graphic design is for them at all,
  • A very extensive channel of Martin Perhiniak certified Adobe trainer – a great deal of knowledge about the basics and all useful Adobe graphics programs Kaufen Althocin (Myambutol) Online ohne rezept ,
  •   When it comes to Adobe programs, especially Photoshop, you can not miss the Phlearn channel on the list, a lot of tutorials that step by step show how to achieve concrete results,
  • Another person who shares the knowledge in a very accessible way is Dansky  (you will find here guides on Adobe programs).

I also found something for lovers of 3D graphics

I hope that with such a list of links you feel able to move on to conquer the world of graphics. In my experience, and I used various courses, these free ones often do not differ from paid ones, and sometimes they are even better. And often to get orders, the portfolio is the most important, not the certificate of completion of the course. So do not make excuses, just go and learn.

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And the most important – do not forget about practice. Even a thousand tutorials will not help you if you do not start creating yourself.