Learn painting – useful links

August 29th, 2018 / Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics

This article is another of a series of posts containing useful links for beginners. Previously I presented a list of links for those interested in graphics and drawing, now I will go to painting. As recently I stay focused on YouTube channels, as I have already mentioned, this is a great platform for free and easily accessible high-quality knowledge.

You must know that we specify 4 main types of paints and I adapted to them the following list of videos:

  • water based (watercolors more transparent, more concealing gouaches)
  • tempera – the type between water and oil paints are emulsions (aqueous suspensions in oil or oil in water with the addition of an emulsifier that binds them together) for dilution, water is enough.
  • oils – paints created from oil (usually linen) and pigments, and it is the oil we use to dilute them, while the brushes are cleaned with turpentine, not with water.
  • acrylic, which components are acrylic resins, formed as a result of polymerization. They dries quickly, but they can not be mixed as easily as oil paints. We dilute them with water.

watercolors Turdus Concept

In my list I also put a few links leading to films about digital painting. Some people discriminate against this category as if it were not a real art. For me, it’s still painting, only using different tools. The colors are also mixed with each other, layered, rubbed. Just like in traditional techniques.

And the list…
  • materials for the beginner watercolor artist,
  • beginners’ guides: number one  and number two from Laovaan,
  •   gouache tutorial from the Myriams Illustrations channel – a very competent introduction to painting with gouache,
  •  tutorial – an introduction to oil painting for beginners,
  • Lioba Bruckner   have more content on patreona but on her channel we also have some part of her knowledge (oil painting and watercolors),
  • Lena Danya   interesting channel, many videos, mainly about oil painting,
  • I mention the legendary Bob Ross, he painted oils and created landscapes. He once had a popular program on television learning oil painting  his works do not go to my taste, but they can be good exercises to start with,
  •  10 beginner mistakes in working with acrylic paints –  a very versatile channel of valuable tutorials, I discovered it by creating this list but I will definitely look at it,
  • Sarah Tapes channel a lot of videos about digital painting but also traditional techniques (recently more and more often),
  • guide on how to become a digital artist.

artwork painting Turdus Concept


I hope that the materials I have written will help you start your adventure with painting and choose your favorite medium. Of course, you can also experiment with many techniques, but the more time you spend on one of the methods, the more perfection you will achieve in it. If you have any additional suggestions regarding the list, you think that something is missing from it let me know.