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August 15th, 2018 / Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics

In the previous post I promised to create a list of links that were especially helpful to me when I started to be more interested in drawing.

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I prepared a list of channels devoted to drawing, and not, for example, painting or graphics (though I will probably prepare such ones), because I think drawing is the basis from which you can go further (for example painting)

for better understanding and practice what you already know
  • Croquis Cafe –  this channel contains nude posing, very useful if you can not go to a stationary course for some reason.
  • Bobby Chiu –  the artist who worked, among others, in creating the movie Alice in Wonderland. I especially recommend his series Little Plant People – in which he teaches how to create the right artistic habits.
  • Jake Parker –  creator of the legendary Inktober challenge , during which most creators around the world grab a bottle of ink. Like Bobby Chiu, I especially appreciate his films about the approach to drawing and developing an artistic career.
  • Alphonso Dunn –  author of drawing books, has a great didactic approach. I am currently making progress watching his videos about anatomy and drawing more complex lumps.
  • Proko – Stan Prokopenko with his academic approach to the topic heals all complexes (if you have one) about being a self-taught person. Thanks to his materials, you systematize your theoretical knowledge.

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  • Draw with Jazza  – I usually prefer quiet channels and this channel is an exception confirming the rule. Jazza has a very humorous approach to drawing. It will appeal to people who like to combine learning with fun.
  • Will Tarell –  if you have ever been ashamed to draw people by nature (so they would not know about it) thanks to this channel you can get rid of this problem.
  • Aaron Blaise – a cartoonist who has worked with Disney for many years.  Draws animals beautifully. He has many paid courses, which are definitely worth the price, but he shares also part of his knowledge for free. To the delight of aspiring cartoonists.
  • Drawing Tutorials online – basics plus presenting sketchbooks of art school students, watching these videos at least for me was very inspiring.
And drawing step by step for beginners

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I hope that my summary will help you bite into the topic. If you feel more confident, do not be afraid to search for videos yourself. Then you will choose a channel for your preferences and certainly the learning will be more enjoyable.