MediBang – Graphic on a Budget

April 25th, 2018 / Graphic on a budget

In today’s post I would like to recommend you the program I mentioned earlier in the article on the differences between raster graphics and vector graphics. This is a completely free program and is called MediBang Paint. Perfect for both beginners and advanced.

What does it mean free in this scenario?

It allows you to create graphics, manga, illustrations, etc. without paying any fees, and what’s more, it is also a cloud solution, adapted to many devices (PC – windows and Mac, IPad, IPhone, and even Android). This means that on any device you start the project, you can freely end it on another. All your work will be stored in the cloud, thanks to which it is possible to share tasks in a group of any size. Of course, this does not have to be just a solution for teams that professionally create manga.

My idea to use this function would be a graphic challenge done together with a friend. For example, one person starts drawing, the other ends. In addition, MediBang some time ago made available a special platform on which we can publish our comics created with the help of their software. This is an interesting option for people who are already making their creations and want to advertise.

medibang pratner program

Starting work with the program can lead to observation that the developers have taken as a point of honor to spoil the user. On the product page we have tutorials and tips on how to use the tools, grouped by level of sophistication. This is just the beginning because more than 800 free materials have been prepared, such as patterns, brushes and fonts.

medibang tutorials, support materials

At the beginning we have some brushes installed –  about 20. Each of them can be additionally adjusted to our own needs. For me, using the program turned out to be very intuitive. From the moment I started it, I knew what to do. For comparison, another free software – Krita – did not fit me completely. There, the choice of brushes, however interesting looking, was too complicated.  Choice of brushes in MediBang is easily added right next to the workspace.

medibang brush toolbox

Useful tools

In MediBang we also have such facilities as – very important in my opinion – supporting the line being drawn (edge smoothing). It facilitates work to such an extent that even when drawn with a mouse it does not go awry. In addition, the program supports us in creating districts, grids or lines in perspective. This tool is similar to the guides that greatly help create more complex shapes that would otherwise require a skilled hand.

Since I specialize in vector graphics and traditional drawing, and I’m about to learn how to master graphic tablet and digital painting programs. I’m just beginning to implement MediBang tools, so have proved to be a huge choke. The management panel of these functions is also located right next to the workspace – just at your fingertips.

drawin lines support tool

If we work with a pen and touch tablet, we also have a line variation function that adjusts the thickness of the line to the pressure of the pen. In this way, you can create beautiful linearts (outlines) that look like ink was used for drawing it. However, this is an option available in most similar programs, so it’s rather a standard.

Finally, we can look at the gallery of artists who create real wonders with the help of Medibang Paint. However, it is worth remembering that in spite of the fact that there’s a lot of manga work, you can prepare yours in Medibang with many different styles, also very realistic ones. With this tool you can also create simple gifs from your own images, just like in paid Photoshop.

Creating Manga and much more

I am glad that such free, comprehensive and intuitive programs are created, giving amazing opportunities to beginner illustrators. On the other hand, for people who just want to try if adventure with digital drawing is for them, allows to test it  without spending even a penny on the software. As a person from the industry, I can also say that using new friendly tools has a very good effect on creativity.

In summary, it is a very nice program, ideal for beginners (also because it is available completely free). Looking at the works in the aforementioned gallery, I think that very advanced people will also find MediBang useful.