My current art materials – gallery

November 7th, 2018 / Graphics Basics, Illustrations Basics

This post is about materials that I currently use most. So far, I wrote about how to find time for creativity, a bit about the techniques and foundations of knowledge, and also shared useful links. Now I’ve decided to share what tools I use to create my work and what I feel using them. Post is not sponsored in any way. Currently, my favorites are water techniques – watercolor paints and inks.

fineliners Turdus Concept

  • Fineliners, unfortunately not waterproof, but very nice to draw with them, just a non-artistic, regular Grand company (they are ordinary office supplies) have a very convenient to use tip. I have some fineliners before that have such end that I was uncomfortable drawing or writing with them.
  • black Koh-i-noor black inks – they are okay, but I do not know if it’s because they have a bit old or did they was that as new ones (I do not remember) they are quite dense and often have to dip a nib, because they start a bit on the air they lose liquidity and run down worse. It’s possible that they just got old.


  • watercolors Koh-i-noor – budget watercolors for these 48 colors (!) I paid about 27 zlotys in Poland – so when it comes to the price, there are good watercolors to start with. Unfortunately, they also have their drawbacks – despite the strong pigmentation, they are quite chalky, which is why they are definitely not as transparent as watercolors from the higher shelf. It is impossible to impose them in many values because the color below begins to rise on the brush – it is probably also the fault of this slightly chalky consistency. After finishing painting, you need to spray them with hairspray or fixative. Probably with time I will switch to other paints, but for the moment where I do not have so much time for painting are okay. I painted them, for example, this little fox but the first orange layer is a drawing ink from Winsor & Newton.

inks Turdus Concept

  • drawing ink Winsor & Newton – it is definitely a durable product – I have these jars for 9 years and only yellow began to strangely behave. The bond in them is Shellac. Therefore, all brushes of the nib are to be cleaned after them and they must not be used, for example, in fountain pens. Shellac solidifies in contact with air. They are very intensively pigmented, a bit transparent, I like to use them.
  • automatic pencil Faber Castell 0,5 – some time ago I switched to sketching on with an automatic pencil and it is great. You do not have to temper it, it always has a sharp tip, which I can capture even the smallest details, for example when I’m drawing eyes, to add contrast sometimes I use ordinary softer Koh-i-noor pencils (4,6,8 B)

koh-i-noor pencils Turdus Concept

  • Pentel Brush Pen – a very practical tool, it has an ink container, so we do not have to immerse it in a jar. Perfect on the go. it paints from thin to thick lines. It is possible to paint lines of varying thicknesses, which gives a beautiful result – I personally like this effect very much.
  • Nibs for thinner lines, this is not an expensive set and nibs are quite stiff (they are this type), so they draw one type of line. Drawing with nibs is quite specific (a bit of scratchy), maybe I will switch to water-resistant fineliners for some time. I once had Sakura Pigma Micron, but I used it up very quickly what I put in the minus with its tip It was hard to draw due to its shape what I wrote earlier. Maybe I will do the second approach to this company – because it is one of the most popular fineliners.

koh-i-noor crayons Turdus Concept

  • home made sketchbook with Canson 160g / m2 paper and from the middle 90g / m2 – I paint with ink on a higher weight, sketch on the lighter one. I like home made sketchbooks, you can customize many things, you’ll probably get instructions for how to do this type of sketchbook in a while,
  • Koh-i-noor Mondeluz – very nice watercolor pencils have a better quality than the before mentioned watercolors. They are pigmented, and do not leave such chalk and roughness on paper. You can make better layers. I got bored some time ago, because I was using them only by watering what I had already colored – which seemed a waste of time. Now I came up with the idea that the end can be broken and watered or crumbled, or put a colored pencil on watercolor paper and collect it from there. We have 36 colors for about PLN 30.
  • Koh-i-noor polycolor – I am rarely using drawing crayons now, but I do not want to apply a pressure to my wrist to apply all these layers of crayons. Maybe soon I will try this way of blending them with baby olive. I often add the final details in watercolor drawings with crayons. It gives a beautiful effect.

papers and sketchbook Turdus Concept

  • I have not experimented with papers so far. I use mainly hot pressed with different weights from 90 to 300 g and Bristol. I simply use what I have. Perhaps in some time I will look around for something new
  • I have never used fixation, but I have heard that it can be successfully replaced with hairspray. I’ve always used one from the middle price range, but recently I found out that the cheaper the better. and in fact, the cheapest actually passes the exam. It has the least intense and irritating smell, which is especially important to me. By the way, it also costs a few bucks, which is an additional advantage.
  • Basic eraser in a pencil – a great thing to “draw” the points of light in sketches made with pencils.

I hope that thanks to this short presentation you will see that you do not need many very expensive products to create, and great results can be achieved with quite cheap tools. Let me know in the comment what do you think about it and share with me what materials do you use.