Oldschool DIY printing

March 28th, 2018 / Graphics Basics

Hello guys! In today’s post I want to show you some old school DIY printing methods you can do easily and cheaply at home. It’s a very good alternative, especially for digital printing.

Nowadays we are very used to digital printing and dtp (desktop publishing) where computer, printer and very often expensive graphic program is necessary to create prints. However there is very good alternative for that. Using old-school printing you can achieve awesome results and it’s quite easy and cheap. I am personally a fan of things that can be used right away without spending tons of money. Of course I use DTP and DTG (Direct to garment printing) as well but there’s a bit of magic in creating something with basic tools and just with your own hands.  In my opinion, it builds up your creativity.


Printmaking techniques are about making a matrix. After covering with paint, we can use matrix to print a certain number of prints. The number of prints depends on the method and the intended use of the printed data. They can be artistic works or advertising posters and flyers.

For those of you who are not familiar with these methods I’ll make quick show around below.

We can print without digital printers in various ways. For example:

  • Stone and bronze blocks, woodblock printing, linocut, – the form for printing is cut out with a stylus in the plate, the name of a particular technique derives from the type of plate.
  • Lithography (which is a little bit more complicated because it’s a chemical process – the matrix is made of lithographic stone, the drawing to be printed is etched with the help of nitric acid.)
  • serigraphy –  matrix is made of a fabric stretched on the frame. The whole net, with the exception of the printing pattern, is covered with a photo-curing medium that prevents the ink being applied to the matrix. With this form we can print both fabrics and paper.

My personal favorites are linocut also called block printing and serigrpahy (screen printing).

Linocut is really easy and affordable. You create prints from lino block matrix, which is really soft and not difficult to curve in it. Even older children can manage to do it.


Serigraphy is a little bit more demanding and time consuming, because you need to prepare screens with photosensitive medium. Although it’s really satisfying and rewarding to create your own t-shirts or posters at home. These are some basic informations about my two favorite techniques that I love to use. I’ll give you more details about each of them in future posts.

Nevertheless, You can start your own adventure with these methods of printing with really affordable sets of tools and materials even now. Everything You need is a strong willingness and a basic kit of tools and materials, depending on witch approach you preffer. You can find each of those sets just by clicking links below:

Linocut or Screen Printing

Illustrations created manually with traditional methods in limited amount of copies are always more valuable than digital prints. They have soul 😉 So don’t think too much, just try to create something awesome. Let your imagination run wild. I strongly encourage You to share results of your work in comments below this post.